Golf Simulator

TwoVision Simulator Plus

The future of virtual golf.

Golfzon TwoVision is the culmination of 23 years of research, development, and a love for the game. We invite you to take a swing, because then you’ll finally understand what makes TwoVision the best in the game.

Moving Swing Plate

With 24 positions and a multi-service hitting mat, you can experience every lie your bucket list golf courses has to offer in the most realistic way possible.

High-speed Camera Sensors

Mounted on the ceiling and tee-side, the Golfzon TwoVision Plus high-speed cameras capture 400 frames per second at the moment of impact, allowing you to see your shot on the golf simulator screen instantaneously as well as receive immediate and accurate feedback on your ball flight.

Touchscreen Monitor Kiosk

The Golfzon TwoVision simulator’s touchscreen kiosk is a viable upgrade from the Vision Premium technology. Play with a virtual caddie and gain even more shot and golf club data on the driving range through the built-in T4 sensor.

Auto-tee and ball retrieval system

There’s no need to fetch your ball and re-tee it after every shot thanks to Golfzon’s auto-tee technology. An instant favorite among all Golfzon patrons, the auto-tee feature allows you to increase your pace of play, all while preventing aches and pains in your back.

Virtual Caddie

Like having a personal caddie on the golf course, the virtual caddie will guide you through each hole and recommend golf clubs as it gets to know your game.

LED Putting Guide

It’s easy to read greens on the Golfzon TwoVision simulator thanks to the LED putting guide. The best golf simulator for putting, the TwoVision ensures you know exactly where to aim.